Foss Productions

Foss Productions was established in 1991 and, we are proud to say, it turned out to become one of the leading production companies in Greece.

Our job is to fully understand your vision, strategy and aspirations so that you always end up with a production you can truly be proud of. With a team of experienced, talented and driven professionals, and collaborations with some of the finest creative companies and talented individuals, we will guide you through the creative process, from concept to delivery, letting us deal with the technicalities.

Certified with ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 27001: 2013 by Eurocert European Inspection & Certification Company we are committed to high-quality services and content security, with TPN certification reinforcing our adherence to MPAA guidelines. Being a part of a global directory of trusted partner vendors and promoting greater security awareness in the Media & Entertainment industry we are dedicated to protecting our clientele’s unique content. Our rich roster of production professionals joins forces to deliver a unique artistic, cutting-edge, award winning result.

Awarded with 95 production awards (International, Cannes Lions, Ermis Awards, Events Awards) and having produced or co-produced many short and feature films (including some of the most prolific Greek films, such as Suntan, Pity and Echoes of the Past), Foss Productions has recently launched its TV Series Production Department.

Evolutionary, creative and constantly eager to achieve bigger, we are ready to breathe life into any vision you have, always meeting the high standards set by you and meeting the needs that the ever-growing market sets.

Due to your vision and always willing to comply with your vision and satisfy your needs, we are involved in a wide variation of production areas. TV commercials, digital advertising, short & feature films, TV shows, documentaries, TV series, video clips, radio spots and events management are some of them. Whatever your vision or need is, we make it happen for you. From day one we have never stopped finding the best possible way to meet your high standards and fulfil your needs.


Foss launched its events department in 2014, with the understanding that every event, no matter the cause you throw it for, must reflect the uniqueness and individuality of the host, and succeed to communicate the purpose.

Small stories to be spoken, not by us, but by the people participating in the event.

At Foss Events we feel the weight of responsibility. Our crew is made of fresh and talented people, possessing the necessary skills and the know-how to face every event with excitement and professionalism. We make sure to accomplish all the goals and deliver a high-quality experience, guaranteed to be a success.

TV Shows

Established in 2015 as Foss On Air and despite the short period we have been around in the TV production, we have managed to stand out, with exceptional achievements in the projects we took on, such as talk shows, reality shows, live shows, game shows, music programs, and documentaries.

These projects were taken on from scratch, designed all the way from the conception of the idea, and planned till they were spotless. Always on time, we run every one of the projects in detail. Even when they are out in market, we take care and observe, assuring the proper exposure and the recognition they deserve.


Since 2016, we are developing, producing and co-producing a wide variety of short and feature films, from arthouse festival hits to high-end, high-concept projects. We collaborate with established writers and directors (Argyris Papadimitropoulos, Yorgos Zois, Babis Makridis, Efthymis Kosemund Sanidis, et al.) with a distinct artistic vision, but we also love to support young upcoming talents with a unique voice.

Our filmography includes some of the most prolific Greek films that have been multi-awarded in A-list international film festivals (Cannes: La Semaine De La Critique, Venice, Sundance, Locarno, Rotterdam, Telluride, Clermont-Ferrand), and have been sold in many distributors (Strand Releasing, Visit Films, New Europe Film Sales, Salaud Morisset) and broadcasters (Arte, Canal+, Critirion Channel) in more than 20 territories worldwide.

We are proud to have completed 20 films in less than 4 years and we keep rolling!


In 2018, two studios were added to the company's potential, and in 2020 we have reached a total of five studios of a surface over 3000m2. Fully equipped with studio cameras, Αrri lights and control rooms, with 3 editing suites, offices, dressing rooms, make-up room and restaurant, these studios meet even the most demanding requirements of great scale productions of advertisements and movies, and are ready to implement every vision and launch in their full range every project.


We launched our TV series slate in 2019, with the aim to develop local stories with global perspective in collaboration with the finest writers, directors and producers in the region.

Our vision is to become a leading player in producing cinematic-quality series according to the highest international standards to be delivered in traditional and emerging platforms worldwide.

Production Services

Starting in 2020, we begin to offer a complete service from planning to execution, covering every aspect of the filming process: from research and development to location scouting, from production scheduling to hiring cast, professional experienced crew and handling filming permissions.

Logistics, transportation and accommodation, equipment, post-production and editing, music and voice-over, studio rental and everything you need to make your vision a reality, we make it happen for you.

In addition, we offer competitive prices and the incentive of up to 40% cash rebate provided by Greece’s National Center of Audiovisual Media and Communication. Being blessed with our country’s great landscape diversity and ideal weather conditions with 300 days of sunshine per year, we are in a position to offer high quality services all year round.


After more than two decades of successful production services, Foss Productions has just launched its very own VFX outsourcing department.

Our aim is to provide high-quality, cost-effective solutions for feature films and  episodic content, to meet our clients’ growing needs for visual effects - especially for projects that require a few extra hands to meet tight deadlines.

The passion for what we do, flexibility, the high quality of our work and our friendly environment are at the core of our company's ethos and the backbone of its success.