With five studios of a 3.060 m2 total surface, that have been added, in 2018, to the company's potential, we are ready to implement and launch, in their full range every project and every vision, meeting even the most demanding requirements.


Studio 1: 550 m2 (Wall Box: 9 SMPTE 311 4 ΤRΙΑΧ)

Studio 2: 800 m2 (Wall Box: 12 SMPTE 311 4 TRIAX)

Studio 3: 660 m2 (Wall Box: 10 SMPTE 311 4 TRIAX)

Studio 4: 460 m2 (Wall Box: 10 SMPTE 311 4 TRIAX)

Studio 5: 600 m2 (Wall Box: 8 SMPTE 311 4 TRIAX)

With 10 editing suites, offices, dressing rooms, make up room and restaurant


  • 2 Studio Camera SONY HDC-2400
  • 8 Studio Camera SONY HDC-1700/U
  • 6 Studio Camera SONY HXC-80FB/L
  • CANON Lenses: HJ40EX43B IASE-S, HJ10EX43B IASE-S, KJ20*8.2B KRSD, KJ20*8.2B IRSD, HJ14EX43B IASE-S
  • SONY DIGITAL Wireless Microphone (DWX SERIES)
  • ARRI Lights: 45pcs L-10 ARRI 10pcs S-120 SKYPANEL 25pcs S-60 SKYPANEL
  • Video Wall L 3*6 consists of 18 LED MONITOR LG 55LV35A
  • SACHTLER Camera Support KIT (2 VarioPed 2-75 PEDESTAL & 12 System 18 & 25 EFP 2 D Dolly TRIPODS)


All of this is backed by state-of-the-art control rooms, consoles, and of course specialized technicians and other professionals who make every vision a reality.


  • Vision Mixer 2ME
  • 24 Button Control, Touchscreen Menu, Digital Multi Effect Board 
  • Chyron Lyric X Character Generator
  • Gallery Quality control: Leader LV-5350 waveform & OLED Sony monitor
  • Digital Console: MIDAS M32-IP,32in/16out with STAGE BOX A+B
  • Digital Wireless SONY (DWX Series)
  • Edit Share Playout Server (2 IN & 2 OUT)
  • 8 SSD BMD recorders
  • 1  Newtek Skype talkshow
  • 12 Line telephone Hybrid AEQ Systel 12TV



  • Vision Mixer 4ME SONY
  • MVS-7000X, 80INPUT/40OUTPUT
  • 32 Button Control, Touchscreen Menu, 4-ch DME
  • Gallery Quality control: Leader LV-5350 waveform & OLED Sony monitor
  • Digital Console: Allen Heath AQ7, 32in/16outm with STAGE BOX A+B+C
  • Digital Wireless Mic SONY (DWX Series),
  • Edit Share Playout Server (4 IN & 4 OUT) with Slomo option
  • 8 SSD BMD recorders
  • 1  Skype receiver
  • 6 line telephone hybrid TELOS VX Prime



  • Evertz Xenon Routing 128X128 Xlink
  • Evertz VIPX Monitoring System
  • RTS intercom System
  • 4 Synchronizers for Live Broadcasting


You haven't seen anything yet


Kostas Tsouros shakes up the weekends at Mega TV with “You haven’t seen anything yet”, broadcasting live from Studio 3 at Foss Productions. 

The captivating show offers a perfect blend of information and entertainment, featuring sharp commentary and witty satire. With a dynamic team including Noni Dounia, Evridiki Valavani, Despina Tsokou, and Panos Katsaridis, the program delves deep into current events, celebrity gossip, and intriguing interviews, promising to make weekends on MEGA more engaging than ever before.

Light In the Tunnel

2021, 2022, 2023

Angeliki Nikolouli sheds “light” on dark cases in Studio 1 at FOSS Studios. Mysterious disappearances, unsolved murders, suspicious deaths. Stories that demand answers and greatly disturb public opinion. Enduring investigations with the active participation of viewers and special collaborators.

MEGA Goodmorning

2021, 2022, 2023

Eleonora Meleti greets each day with a warm… Good morning!

The show is hosted on STUDIO 3 by FOSS Studios and has already become an every morning date with the viewers, that has it all: Humor, current affairs, exclusive interviews, commentaries, interesting columns, original stories, opinions.


2021, 2022, 2023

Every afternoon Eleni Menegaki flips through the best-written agenda of the day: lifestyle news, tributes to personalities who engage society with their lives and deeds, stories of Greeks who excel abroad, psychology topics and medical advice, columns for mothers and children, fashion trends and make-up tips, a "walk" in the cinema. Plus, delicious recipes and lovely guests.

The show is hosted in STUDIO 4.

Everything For Our Life

2021, 2022, 2023

Michalis Kefalogiannis shows us the way to a better life with the TV show Everything for our life in Studio 1 at FOSS Studios.

With topics that affect young and old, men and women, parents and children, Michalis Kefalogiannis suggests ways to improve the overall quality of life, with knowledge and validity.

Supermarket Sweep


Supermarket Sweep is an incredible TV game show hosted in STUDIO 3 by FOSS Studios. Broadcast by Mega TV, the show was presented by Tonis Sfinos.

Three couples compete in the haul of their lives with fun games-quizzes. Tonis Sfinos keeps things interesting by constantly challenging the players while spurring them on, to create a unique experience with his inexhaustible energy! The couple with the highest bill at the "cashier" wins the prize of €1500!

Localities On the Plate

2020, 2022, 2023

Localities on the plate, is a cooking show with Dimitris Skarmoutsos, aired by ANT1 TV.

Dimitris wanders around in different city neighborhoods and describes what he has seen, experienced, tasted, and whom he has met. In each episode, Dimitris tells us a story from his own unconventional perspective. Inspired by all these "stops" and encounters with everyday people, he returns to his industrial kitchen in Foss Studios (Studio 5) to cook a unique dish.

The Music Box

2020, 2021, 2022, 2023

Nikos Portokaloglou and Rena Morfi are the hosts of The Music Box, the show of ERT1 TV where guests from different music genres put together the playlist of their lives by spontaneously performing songs while being interviewed. For each episode, different guest singers or songwriters meet in the studio (Studio 5) and through a variety of unexpected questions, surprises and music games, they reveal, under the sound of their music, well- known or unknown moments of their lives and careers.

Go, Danae

2020, 2021, 2022, 2023

Go, Danae, is the first ever morning TV show, to be hosted in Foss Studios (Studio 4) aired by Mega TV.

Danai Barka, the show’s hostess, and her team (Eliana Chrisikopoulou, Aris Kavatzikis, Vaggelis Giannopoulos, Sissy Kallini, Kostas Kourouniotis and Apostolos Rouvas) keep the audience entertained with a variety of topics, tasty recipes, celebrity guests and their big smile.

The Big Game


The Big Game is a game show based on the successful BBC format "A Question of Sport". Broadcast by ERT1 TV, the show is presented by George Lentzas, featuring guests from the sports sector - and not only!

Two teams of three celebrities each go down and fight for a win. With mostly sport-related questions and fun quiz games, the players have to come up with the right answers to win.

We believe In You


We believe in you was a quiz show, shot in Studio 1. A group of friends compete for the chance to finance their common goal: a trip, a bachelor party, a charity event etc.

Food n' Friends

2018, 2019

Food n' Friends, following a successful season on SKAI TV in 2018, started filming in 2019, for ANT1 in Foss Studio 5.

In this cooking show, Dimitris Skarmoutsos, renowned chef and TV presenter, and Elias Foundoulis, comedian and writer, did anything to have a good time and make their special guests and everyone else in their company, enjoy themselves.

Up & Down


Up & Down, presented by Christos Ferentinos, was filmed in Studio 2 and broadcasted by Alpha Tv. Two players, two stands, two teams. The opponents were asked to put in the correct order, from biggest to smallest, numerical data given to them.

After Dark


Presented by Themis Georgantas, After Dark aired on SKAI TV, from Studio 5. In each episode, two celebrity guests had the opportunity to re-introduce themselves to the public, revealing unknown aspects of their lives through all kind of "unconventional" questions.

Project Runway


Project Runway, the most popular fashion talent show in the world, was filmed in Studio 1 (Live broadcasts) & Studio 5 (Atelier). The first Greek version of the show was transmitted through the frequency of Open Tv. 16 contestants, with the dream of becoming the most successful fashion designers, competed head to head in a series of difficult challenges.


2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022

Deal, presented by Christos Ferentinos, is the first ever TV game show to be hosted in Foss Studios (Studio 2). It started in 2018 and continues until now. One of 22 boxes, hiding a certain amount of money inside, is being drawn for each contestant. No one but the show’s lawyer knows the amount of money in each numbered box. The player takes a risk when he instinctively selects and opens the remaining 21 boxes, revealing the amounts hidden inside them.