Established in 1992, Foss Productions has become one of the biggest production companies in Greece and a prominent player in Greek advertising.

Foss Productions collaborates with some of the finest creative talent from leading agencies to produce cutting-edge, award-winning work.

Our rich roster of producers, directors, cinematographers, writers, editors and visual effects artists join forces to deliver a unique artistic vision to the client.

Foss Productions operates beyond traditional tv commercials across all media platforms: digital advertising, short & feature films, tv programs, documentaries, video clips, radio, and events management.

Certified with ISO 9001:2015 by Eurocert European Inspection & Certification Company , Foss guarantees high quality services for all its clients.

Feel free to contact us and book an appointment to see how we can transform your need for communication into an advertisement that is both engaging and visually compelling for your audience.
Sandy beaches, pristine waters, mesmerizing sunsets, breath taking mountains, scenic rivers that flow through imposing gorges... this is Greece. And there's so much more. Timeless monuments, bustling cities, vibrant night life, gourmet cuisine, state of the art infrastructure and luxurious accommodation.

Our production centers in Greece offer a variety of stunning locations and sound stages for all your production requirements. By combining the best crews and facilities the country can offer we deliver exceptional production value at the most competitive rates.

Our ambition is to create films that people will love to watch again and again.

Greece is where history meets beauty. Foss Productions can make filming in Greece a memorable experience with outstanding results.

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