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Our passion is making films that people want to watch again and again. By providing highquality service catering along with our extensive knowledge of the industry and the requirements of each client, we focus on making everyone feel welcome, secure and most of all satisfied with the final product and overall experience.


You need locations, casting, permits, filming visas, professional & experienced crew, equipment, logistics, transportation, accommodation? We are on it. Anything you want, we can find. We deliver exceptional production value at the most competitive rates and always within time plan.


Sandy beaches, pristine waters, mesmerizing sunsets, breath taking mountains, lush forests, the flatlands of the north, beautiful lakes, scenic rivers that flow through imposing gorges ... this is Greece: where history meets beauty. And there's so much more. And all within a short distance of Athens accompanied by a climate that is unrivalled in Europe.


We work together with the best casting directors and agencies in Greece and around the world for finding fresh faces in actors, characters, fashions models, kids, locals. You name it, we find it.


We offer some of the best facilities in Europe. The most up to date equipment, lighting gear and facility trucks are just a phone call away. Whatever you need for your production we can cater to.


Our in-house editing suites are well equipped with the latest technology and are handled by some of the most experienced operators in Greece. We offer editing, compositing, 2D & 3D animation, SFX, color grading, sound design, mixing, voice over recording.